About Us

The Founder 

My name is Gillian Cerimele and I am from Canfield, Ohio. I graduated from Youngstown State University in December of 2021. I have two older sisters, Kayla and Gina, and my incredible parents, Ken and Kim. 

I am, and continue to be, a kid at heart! I have been working with children since 2015 at an in home setting; ages birth to 12 years old. There have been so many great memories I have made with all of the families I've worked for. 

It has been a life long goal of mine to open up my own daycare. I am very passionate about working with children and watching them grow.  It is a fascinating experience to watch children develop their personality. I can only hope that I make a positive impact through Kid's Pace Daycare. 

The Vision

Kid's Pace was created because we wanted children to have the possibility to create their own memories with the friends they meet. Our solution is having children with different ages and backgrounds come together and enjoy their time at Kid's Pace. No child is the same and we embrace that statement here, it is the Kid’s Pace after all! We want to focus on cognitive, physical, social and emotional development during play time and other educational activities. Our goal is to create an all-inclusive environment where children feel safe, loved and happy. All staff at Kid’s Pace are understanding of children's needs and we want your child to feel comfortable communicating with us. 

You cannot make children learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen. - Vince Gowmon