Ages 1-2½ 

Children 1 to 2 ½ years old will spend their day in the underwater themed room. There are many available educational toys that children will have a chance to interact with. Each toy focuses on different aspects of development. Children will be a part of fun activities, such as crafts, games, and songs. 

There will be time for learning through limited technology. While excessive screen time is not beneficial, there are many learning opportunities with technology that Kid’s Pace is excited to utilize! 

There will be nap time during the day, so the children can have time to rest their energetic and developing minds. Children not only adapt to a schedule quickly, but they start enjoying the learning process that comes with the routine. 

Every day your child is at Kid’s Pace they will see our growing tree. This tree will be decorated with the crafts that your children make. Not only will you, as parents, see the development, but your children will too! Having children see the progress they are making allows them to be excited to continue growing. Kid’s Pace wants all children to be just as proud of their development as we are!

There are breakfast, lunch, and snack times built into our schedule. If your child is at Kid's Pace during those times, the packed meals, provided by you, will be given to your children. They can eat with all of their friends here! 

Ages 3-5

This program will focus on a more scheduled learning experience. They will be learning and practicing fundamental educational topics along with social and practical life skills. 

The most important way children learn is through play. Play not only improves cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well being for young children, it is something they love to do! By having space dedicated to playing in a safe manner, children can feel comfortable exploring and using their creativity.  

The 3-5 year olds will have the opportunity to move among three different rooms at scheduled times. By having separate rooms that the children can travel too, they will establish a sense of independence. 

All the energy used to play, learn, and develop can be tiring for the little ones. There will be a nap and resting time for 3-5 year olds as well. 

The Playground 

All age groups will get an opportunity to use up all their bubbly energy outside! There are many things the children can do, while taking in the fresh air. The playground is made up of rubber mulch as a protective surface. This creates a safer environment for children to explore and have fun!